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Our LED Lights Technology

We take pride in designing and building full spectrum LED grow lights for the most challenging environments. Our team comprises experts in the LED lighting industry, with years of experience designing and building. Therefore, our experience has allowed us to create reliable products that withstand the harshest conditions.

If you need your LED grow lighting to perform when it counts the most, we have you covered. We understand that reliable lighting is essential to the process of your growing operation, and we are committed to delivering products that will help you achieve your goals.

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Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights

Live in Brighter Futures with Leaner Energy - Shine More & Spend Less. GROW3 Delivers Outstanding PPE Performance with its full spectrum LED Grow lights, ensuring more light with less energy.

Spectrum Tunability With Adjustable Color Ratios

A key feature of GROW3 lights, including the dimmable LED Grow light option, is the ability to customize color ratios for optimal plant absorption, outperforming traditional HPS fixtures.

SmarTune Control system

The GROW3 SmarTune™ system, a standout among LED Grow light manufacturers, offers a Bluetooth® mesh control system. This feature allows automation of lighting controls and adjustments to GROW3 LEDs directly from your smart device.

Utility Rebates

By utilizing GROW3 LED lights, in your commercial horticulture project, you can significantly reduce your initial cost on the GROW 3 fixtures. Utility rebates are available in many areas for the GROW3 products, as they are DLC approved. Read More...

Local & Sustainable

Proudly made in Canada, our lights exemplify our commitment to deliver long-lasting reliability. Our LED grow lights are meticulously built, showcasing the finest design. Robust construction ensures exceptional heat dissipation, allowing for optimal light performance that can endure even the harshest greenhouse environments.

Greater Efficiency
Achieve up to 70% in energy savings compared to HPS fixtures thanks to GROW3's proprietary internal drivers and their high-efficiency LED grow light system. Compared to other LEDs, this technology offers a stable, high PPE output, increases efficiency, and allows the user to adjust intensity without sacrificing PPE.
Cooler Temperature

Our LED lights, ideal grow lights for indoor plants. Operate at significantly cooler temperatures than HPS lights. Allowing for better temperature control for your crops, with cooler operation.

Longer Lifespan

Experience and enjoy extended growth hours with our GROW3 LED grow lights. We offer a significantly longer lifespan of 50,000+ hours. This extended longevity allows for prolonged usage and ensures consistent performance throughout the growth cycles.

Slim Profiles
GROW3's slim profile allows it to easily fit into smaller, tighter grow spaces, while its cooler LED temperature enables you to grow crops in close proximity to the lights without the risk of heat burn.

How It Works

Learn How you can Control the Grow Today!

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Start by completing the Light Plan Request form to discover the suitable GROW3 solution for your needs, including options like the high-output vertical series for vertical farming. We will arrange the Free Lighting Plan for your specific application.

Get a Free Proposal
Our expert team will develop a customized proposal based on your data, outlining your next project's scope, timeline, and cost with our LED Grow light system. Our free proposal service is intended to help you make informed decisions about your next project or venture.
Setup & Control
Our team can assist you in setting up and training for the SmarTune™ APP, enabling you to create locations, groups and zones, of GROW3 lights. Learn how to program your own automated scheduled system for managing optimal plant growth.

Discover Our Line of LED Grow Lighting Products

Achieve up to 70% in energy savings!

Significant Cost Savings with GROW3

Upgrade seamlessly from 1000W HPS lamps to the TopLight™, a cutting-edge LED solution. Comparatively engineered to meet the needs of applications spanning heights from 6' to 14', this versatile product ensures a smooth transition for your growing environment. The epitome of energy efficiency within the GROW3 series, the TopLight™ guarantees exceptional performance and savings. Step into the future of LED grow lighting with the TopLight™ and unlock unrivaled productivity for your crops.

Toplight Series
Toplight™ Series
Benchlight Series
Benchlight™ Series

Plant Focused Design

Our BenchLight™ Series, perfect for home or commercial applications, delivers unmatched performance with its plant-focused design and precision-engineered full spectrum LED Grow lights. Crafted to provide a differentiated spectrum, these LED grow lights unlock unparalleled control over color ratios. Elevate your cultivation journey and comparatively achieve remarkable results with the precision-engineered BenchLight™ Series.

Vertical Series

maximize Space and Yield

With its high-output full-spectrum light, this cutting-edge solution optimizes lighting performance in multi-tier applications. Unlocking maximum space and yield efficiencies, GROW3™ Vertical Farm guarantees exceptional results. Altogether GROW3™ Vertical series, engineered with precision, ensures uniform light distribution across the entire width and length of your grow rack. These cutting-edge full spectrum LED grow light solutions optimize lighting performance in multi-tier applications.

Your Trusted LED Grow Lights Suppliers

When it comes to growing plants, the resounding recommendation from experts is to harness the power of LEDs. Why? Choose GROW3, the foremost choice for growers seeking top-tier full spectrum LED Grow lights and experience the efficiency and savings that surpass traditional HPS fixtures. This efficiency directly translates into reduced utility costs for you, ensuring significant savings. Embodying the pinnacle of energy efficiency, the GROW3 light series proudly stands as the epitome of Canadian craftsmanship. Experience unrivaled efficiency and savings with GROW3, the foremost choice for growers seeking top-tier LED grow lights.

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With SmarTune™ App you can control the growth of your light in a very powerful way.


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Case Studies

Discover how GROW3 grow LED Lights helped growers achieve better results in our latest case study


Replace old HPS lights with powerful GROW3 RE Series in

Red Vita Farm Inc.

Toplight Series on tomato cultivation plant


Replace old HPS lights with powerful GROW3 HS Series in

Hong’s Nursery

Hongs Nursery

Vertical Light

Vertical series in a containerized grow environment in

Suremak Industry

Vertical Farm

Vertical Light

For researchers exploring the growth with the Vertical light series.


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