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Grow3 Light
Amazing Features

How it comes together is why it stands apart.

Commercial Greenhouse

Grow3 lights are suitable for any type of greenhouse from small poly greenhouses to venlo greenhouses and any high ceiling structure from 17'' to 14 ft mounting height above the plants.


220W to 330 w high-performance LED diodes evidently deliver more than 200 μmol/s in more than 2.4 μmol/j Efficacy.

Mimic Sunlight

LED grow lights produce less heat, which means they can be placed closer to the plants without the risk of burning them. LED lights also consume less energy, which can result in significant cost savings over time.

High Performance LED

The best grow LED diodes are professionally engineered in Grow3 for undoubtedly better efficiency and results.

Low Profile

With a thin profile, Grow3 is able to fit into smaller, tighter grow spaces. Compared with other lights, Grow3 generates less heat and takes up less space thanks to its multi-internal drivers.


Altogether the growth can be controlled without wiring. Therefore, in all Grow3 series, Bluetooth mesh and Thread technology are used instead of wires.

Made in Canada

The overall design, development and manufacturing occurs in Surrey, BC Canada.


To emphasize, military-grade aluminum body protects the LEDs and the drivers to deliver the best grow light performance that lasts in the greenhouse environment. 

Digital Color Ratio

Additionally, GROW3 allows you to adjust the colour ratio digitally. With one light, you can grow all types of plants at all stages of growth.

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App Screen
App Screen

Hybrid Smart
Control System

SmarTune™ helps you to control your lights without wiring. In all Grow3 series, Bluetooth® mesh and Thread technology are used instead of wire. Each light acts as a node within the network generating its own mesh for long-distance communications.

Light Fixtures

Grow Lights Efficiency at Its Finest.

Grow3 High-efficient LED grows lights are specially designed for greenhouses and indoor plant growth, certainly providing the exact light spectrum and intensity needed for optimal plant development.

Grow3 are energy-efficient compared to most LEDs and traditional grow lights. In addition, consume less power and generate less heat, making them ideal for indoor gardening. Comparatively, they have a longer lifespan, which reduces the cost of replacement and maintenance.

Countless digital Color Ratios.

We understand different plants need different light spectrums to grow, and even different growth stages need different light quality. That’s why our engineers designed the Grow 3 with an unlimited Color Ratios option to mimic the Sunlight. As a general rule, plants do best with light of all wavelengths, but they don’t need equal amounts of each. Thanks to Color Ratio Technology by LED Smart. We are able to mimics the sunlight the way your plant likes it.      

Grow lights performance

Pre-programmed recipes; Smart from the Start.

Grow3 lights come with pre-programmed recipes for different plant growth stages, making it easy for growers to switch between settings as the plant progress. These recipes are typically based on scientific research and are designed to maximize plant growth and yield and better overall plant health.

Grow3 default recipes are programed to emit specific wavelengths of light that are optimal for plant growth and provide different spectrums of light for different stages of plant growth, such as vegetative growth or flowering.

Multiple Internal Drivers.

Each diode strip in the Grow3 series is controlled independently by individual internal drivers. Three to six LED strips are connected to multiple internal drivers that regulate the output of each LED strip. Depending on the growth stage of a plant, these lights can be adjusted to provide the optimal light spectrum for growth. They are energy-efficient, long-lasting, and emit low heat, making them ideal for indoor growing environments. Hobbyists and professional growers alike use them to improve plant growth, yield, and quality.

Internal Drivers


Perfect Setup, You Choose

Grow3 Light Series

Discover Our Line Of LED Grow Lighting Products!

Achieve up to 70% in energy savings versus HPS Lights.

Saves a great deal of money.

With the TopLight™, you can switch from 1000W HPS lamps to LEDs directly. The product is suitable for applications ranging from 6 to 14 feet in height. Extra Red and Blue LEDs make this series of lights compelling. TopLight™ Series are the most energy-efficient led grow light in Grow3 series.

Toplight Series
Toplight™ Series
Benchlight Series
Benchlight™ Series

Specially designed for plants.

A differentiated spectrum stimulates plant growth and photosynthesis. The possibilities are endless with colour ratio control. The BenchLight™ Series are designed for home or commercial applications where precision is required. 

Vertical Series
GroV™ light Series

Longer-lasting fresh produce.

By inhibiting the growth of microbes, healthier crops are grown with longer shelf lives. GROW3™ Vertical Farm series is designed to deliver light uniformly across the grow rack's entire width and length, enabling maximum space and yield efficiencies. It provides a high-output full-spectrum light that delivers optimal lighting performance in a multi-tier application. 

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