Nurturing Growth: The Future of Farming with GROW3's Agro LED Lighting

Agriculture LED Grow Lights

GROW3, a division of LED Smart, is at the forefront of a significant shift in modern farming with its state-of-the-art agro grow lights. These advanced lighting solutions transform agricultural practices, paving the way for more efficient, sustainable, and productive cultivation methods.

Why Are Agro LED Lights Transforming Agriculture?

Understanding the transformative impact of LED lights in agriculture begins with recognizing their role in plant development. These agricultural grow lights are not just sources of illumination; they are vital tools influencing various plant growth stages, from seed germination to flowering and fruiting.

Energy Efficiency:
Agro LED grow lights consume significantly less energy than traditional lighting, reducing operational costs.
Targeted Wavelengths:
They provide specific light spectra, including UV light, for agriculture, which is crucial for optimizing plant health and yield.
Longevity and Durability:
Agricultural LED lighting is known for its long lifespan, reducing the need for frequent replacements.

How Do Agriculture LED Lights Enhance Plant Growth?

The science behind agricultural grow lights lies in their ability to mimic the natural light spectrum. Plants require different types of light at various growth stages, and agro LED lights are uniquely capable of providing this diverse spectrum.
Balanced Spectrum:
Offering a balance of blue, red, and UV light, these lights cater to the specific needs of plants at each growth stage.
Customizable Intensity:
The intensity of agricultural LED lights can be adjusted to suit the needs of different crops, ensuring optimal growth conditions.

Agro Lighting: A Key to Sustainable Farming

Incorporating agro lighting into farming practices is not just about enhancing plant growth; it's also about embracing sustainability. GROW3's agricultural LED grow lights represent a step towards eco-friendly farming methods.
Reduced Carbon Footprint:
Lower energy consumption translates to a smaller carbon footprint.
Low Profile
Less Heat Emission:
Unlike traditional lights, agricultural grow LED lights emit minimal heat, reducing the risk of plant damage and the need for additional cooling systems.

The Role of UV Light in Agriculture

UV light plays a crucial role in plant health and disease management. GROW3's agro LED grow lights include UV spectrum options, providing benefits such as:
Commerical Greenhouses
Improved Plant Defense:
UV light can enhance the plant's natural defense against pests and diseases.
Better Nutrient Content:
Exposure to UV light has been shown to increase certain beneficial compounds in plants, improving their nutritional value.

GROW3: Pioneering Agricultural LED Lighting

At GROW3, we are committed to advancing the field of agricultural lighting. Our agro LED grow lights are designed with the latest technology to ensure that every plant receives the precise lighting for optimal growth.
High Performance LED
Innovative Design:
Our lights are crafted to deliver uniform light distribution, ensuring that each plant receives equal attention.
User-Friendly Features:
We understand the importance of simplicity in farming operations, so our lights are easy to install and manage.

Mastering the Art of Agro LED Grow Lights

Embracing agro LED grow lights is more than just a technological upgrade; it's about understanding the art and science of plant growth. With GROW3's solutions, farmers and growers can unlock the full potential of their crops, ensuring healthier plants and higher yields.
Tailored Solutions:
Every farming environment is unique, and our LED lights for agriculture are designed to adapt to various settings, whether a large-scale farm or a small urban garden.
Digital Color Ratio
Continuous Innovation:
We are constantly exploring new ways to enhance our lighting solutions, staying ahead of the curve in agricultural technology.

Explore the Future of Farming with GROW3

Embark on a journey of agricultural innovation with GROW3. Our advanced agro LED lighting solutions are more than just lights; they are partners in your farming success. Experience the differences in your crops and join the movement toward a more sustainable and productive agricultural future. Start your journey with GROW3 today!

Significant Cost Savings with GROW3

With BenchLight™, you can switch from HPS lamps to LEDs directly. The product is suitable for applications ranging from 17'' to 84" in height. Optional UVA and far red LEDs make this series of lights compelling option to the experienced grower.

Shorten Cycle Times

Managing your lighting with precision allows plants to fully develop in a shorter amount of time.

Control Flavor, Nutrition and Yield

Adjust the color ratios of blue to red light to influence plan height, shape, size, color, flavor, and nutrition and maximize the yield.

Benchlight™ Series
Improve Plant Quality

Control color ratio, photoperiod, and intensity to ensure healthy plant response and development. 


Grow3 BenchLight™ Series Comparison

Model Power (W) Mounting Height Application PPF (UMOL/S) PPE (UMOL/J) Color Ratio Range IP Rating Certificate Warranty Lifetime Control System*
SL 200W ≥18-84" Greenhouse/Indoor 488 2.5 1:1-10:1 IP66 UL & DLC Approved 5 Years >50,000hrs SmarTune
SP 220W ≥18"-84" Greenhouse/Indoor 548 2.6 1:1-10:1 IP66 UL & DLC Approved 5 Years >50,000hrs SmarTune
SL 200W x Y Y Y Y x Tissue Culture, Seeding, Flowers and vegetables
SP 230W Y Y Y Y Y Y Cannabis, Tissue Culture, Flowers and vegetables
Model Length Width Height Weight Mounting Cooling System Read More Spec Sheet
SP 48.43" (1230mm) 5.5" (140mm) 3" (76mm) 14 Lbs (6.35kg) Hanging Wire Kit, Passive, Fanless cooling
SL 48.43" (1230mm) 5.5" (140mm) 3" (76mm) 14 Lbs (6.35kg) Hanging Wire Kit, Passive, Fanless cooling
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