Discover the Magic of Indoor Vegetable Gardening with GROW3's LED Grow Lights

LED Grow Lights for Vegetables and Fruits

Embark on a journey into the heart of indoor vegetable gardening, where GROW3, a Division of LED Smart, illuminates the path to lush, thriving plants. The secret lies in understanding the transformative role of LED grow lights for vegetables and fruits, a cornerstone in modern gardening.

Why Should You Choose LED Grow Lights for Your Vegetables?

The Essence of Photosynthesis:
Light is not just a component but the essence of plant growth. LED grow lights for vegetables offer the ideal spectrum and intensity to drive photosynthesis, the natural process that fuels your plants.
Customized Lighting for Diverse Needs:
Every vegetable has its unique light requirement. LED grow lights provide the versatility to meet these diverse needs, ensuring personalized care for each type of vegetable in your garden.

How Can You Select the Best Grow Lights for Indoor Vegetables?

Choosing the right veg LED grow lights involves more than just lumens and watts. Here's what you need to consider:

Spectrum: The Key to Growth:
Full-spectrum lights that emulate natural sunlight are crucial for healthy plant development.
Intensity: Finding the Balance:
The right light intensity level is critical for optimal growth without overwhelming your plants.

What Are the Best Practices for Using Grow Lights with Indoor Vegetables?

High Performance LED
Observation is Crucial:
Regularly monitor your plants for signs of healthy growth, such as solid stems and rich color.
Hybrid Smart Control System
Light Adjustment:
Modify the duration or intensity of light based on your plants' appearance. Leggy, pale plants may need more light, while signs of scorching indicate too much exposure.
Grouping Control
Understanding Light Cycles:
Vegetables require a balance of light and dark periods. Typically, 12-16 hours of light followed by a dark phase is ideal.

How Can Veg LED Grow Lights Maximize Your Indoor Garden's Potential?

Optimal Placement:
The positioning of your lights is critical. They should be close enough for effective light penetration, but not so close as to cause heat damage.
Commercial Greenhouse
Harmonizing with the Environment:
Consider your growing area's natural light and temperature. Your LED lights should complement these environmental factors, not compete with them.

Are LED Grow Lights the Future of Indoor Vegetable Gardening?

At GROW3, we believe in the power of LED grow lights to revolutionize indoor vegetable gardening. Our lights are tailored to provide your plants with the best spectrum, efficiency, and nurturing environment. Step into the future of gardening with GROW3 and witness the remarkable transformation in your indoor garden.

Significant Cost Savings with GROW3

With BenchLight™, you can switch from HPS lamps to LEDs directly. The product is suitable for applications ranging from 17'' to 84" in height. Optional UVA and far red LEDs make this series of lights compelling option to the experienced grower.

Shorten Cycle Times

Managing your lighting with precision allows plants to fully develop in a shorter amount of time.

Control Flavor, Nutrition and Yield

Adjust the color ratios of blue to red light to influence plan height, shape, size, color, flavor, and nutrition and maximize the yield.

Benchlight™ Series
Improve Plant Quality

Control color ratio, photoperiod, and intensity to ensure healthy plant response and development. 


Grow3 BenchLight™ Series Comparison

Model Power (W) Mounting Height Application PPF (UMOL/S) PPE (UMOL/J) Color Ratio Range IP Rating Certificate Warranty Lifetime Control System*
SL 200W ≥18-84" Greenhouse/Indoor 488 2.5 1:1-10:1 IP66 UL & DLC Approved 5 Years >50,000hrs SmarTune
SP 220W ≥18"-84" Greenhouse/Indoor 548 2.6 1:1-10:1 IP66 UL & DLC Approved 5 Years >50,000hrs SmarTune
SL 200W x Y Y Y Y x Tissue Culture, Seeding, Flowers and vegetables
SP 230W Y Y Y Y Y Y Cannabis, Tissue Culture, Flowers and vegetables
Model Length Width Height Weight Mounting Cooling System Read More Spec Sheet
SP 48.43" (1230mm) 5.5" (140mm) 3" (76mm) 14 Lbs (6.35kg) Hanging Wire Kit, Passive, Fanless cooling
SL 48.43" (1230mm) 5.5" (140mm) 3" (76mm) 14 Lbs (6.35kg) Hanging Wire Kit, Passive, Fanless cooling
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