About Us​

We take pride in designing and building LED grow lights for the most challenging environments. Our team comprises experts in the LED lighting industry with years of experience designing and building. Therefore, our experience has allowed us to create reliable products that withstand harsh conditions.

If you need your lighting to perform when it counts the most, we have you covered. We understand that reliable lighting is essential to the process of your growing operation, and we are committed to delivering products that will help you achieve your goals. Read More

Our LED Lights Technology

Along with our capacity to produce world class lighting products, we also specialize in complete lighting systems that integrate AI, IoT, and Mesh Networking to provide a complete project solution.

We develop the grow light control systems with both wired and wireless capability. Additionally, the custom sensors work for both software and hardware applications. 

Why Choose Us

Our lights are trusted by the US Navy, Coast Guard, Canadian Military and Transit Authorities across North America.

As a leading provider of LED grow lights, we engineer our series to deliver the highest performance, efficiency, and quality levels for optimal plant growth. Our LEDs are equipped to connect with SmarTune, a hybrid control technology. Through this control system, growers can take advantage of adjust color ratio, intensity, schedules, and more. 

Discover the full range of features that set our series apart, and witness the transformative efforts within your operation. 

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