Revolutionizing Vertical Farming with Advanced LED Lighting Solutions

LED Grow Lights for Vertical Farming

Vertical farming, an innovative approach to modern agriculture, transforms how we grow our food. Central to this transformation is the use of specialized lighting. GROW3, a Division of LED Smart, is at the forefront of this change, offering advanced LED grow lights for vertical farming. These lights are not just a source of illumination but a pivotal tool in enhancing plant growth and maximizing space efficiency.

The Role of LED For Vertical Farming

LED lighting particularly Grow Lights for Vertical Gardens, has become a cornerstone in vertical farming due to its energy efficiency and ability to mimic natural sunlight. GROW3's vertical farming LED light solutions offer a spectrum of light that caters to plants' specific needs at different growth stages. This adaptability is crucial in vertical farming environments where space is at a premium and every photon counts.

How Do Vertical Farming LED Lights Enhance Growth?

Uniform Light Distribution:
Ensuring every plant receives the right amount of light.
Full-Spectrum Lighting:
Mimicking natural sunlight to promote healthy plant growth.
Customizable Light Spectra:
Tailoring light for various growth phases, from seedling to flowering.
Energy Efficiency:
Consuming less power leads to reduced operational costs.

GROW3's Innovative LED Grow Lights for Vertical Farming

GROW3 has developed a range of LED grow lights, each designed to meet the unique demands of vertical farming:
HV Model - Harnessing the Power of HPS Lamps:
  • Simulates the color ratio of high-pressure sodium lamps.
  • It is ideal for various installations, from small to large scale.
  • Features adjustable color ratios and intensity for precise agro lighting.
SV Model - The Sunlight Mimicker:
  • Emulates the full spectrum of sunlight with an added boost of red photons.
  • Perfect for close crop growth and larger footprint areas.
  • Enhances the efficiency of vertical farming lights with its unique spectrum.
WV Model - Simplified Full Spectrum Solution:
  • It offers a full-spectrum white light, easy to operate, and is ideal for various crops.
  • Suitable for close crop growth, focusing on intensity adjustments.
  • A straightforward solution for those new to vertical farming LED grow lights.

Vertical Farming LED: A Sustainable Choice

Adopting LED technology in vertical farms is not just about improving crop yields; it’s also about sustainability. GROW3’s vertical farming grow LED solutions significantly reduce energy consumption, making them eco-friendly for modern agriculture. Growers are contributing to a more sustainable future by choosing LEDs for vertical farming.

Grow Lights For Vertical Gardens: Tailoring Light to Plant Needs

Vertical gardens, whether for commercial or personal use, require precise lighting. GROW3’s range of vertical farming LED grow lights ensures that plants receive the right amount of light tailored to their specific growth stages. This precision leads to healthier plants and more bountiful harvests.

Lighting the Path Forward with GROW3

GROW3 is dedicated to providing innovative lighting solutions for the evolving landscape of vertical farming. Their LED grow lights represent more than just technological advancements; they are part of a more significant movement toward a more efficient, sustainable, and productive way of farming. As the global community increasingly embraces vertical farming, GROW3 stands at the forefront, ready to illuminate the path to a brighter, greener future in agriculture.

Significant Cost Savings with GROW3

With BenchLight™, you can switch from HPS lamps to LEDs directly. The product is suitable for applications ranging from 17'' to 84" in height. Optional UVA and far red LEDs make this series of lights compelling option to the experienced grower.

Shorten Cycle Times

Managing your lighting with precision allows plants to fully develop in a shorter amount of time.

Control Flavor, Nutrition and Yield

Adjust the color ratios of blue to red light to influence plan height, shape, size, color, flavor, and nutrition and maximize the yield.

Benchlight™ Series
Improve Plant Quality

Control color ratio, photoperiod, and intensity to ensure healthy plant response and development. 


Grow3 BenchLight™ Series Comparison

Model Power (W) Mounting Height Application PPF (UMOL/S) PPE (UMOL/J) Color Ratio Range IP Rating Certificate Warranty Lifetime Control System*
SL 200W ≥18-84" Greenhouse/Indoor 488 2.5 1:1-10:1 IP66 UL & DLC Approved 5 Years >50,000hrs SmarTune
SP 220W ≥18"-84" Greenhouse/Indoor 548 2.6 1:1-10:1 IP66 UL & DLC Approved 5 Years >50,000hrs SmarTune
SL 200W x Y Y Y Y x Tissue Culture, Seeding, Flowers and vegetables
SP 230W Y Y Y Y Y Y Cannabis, Tissue Culture, Flowers and vegetables
Model Length Width Height Weight Mounting Cooling System Read More Spec Sheet
SP 48.43" (1230mm) 5.5" (140mm) 3" (76mm) 14 Lbs (6.35kg) Hanging Wire Kit, Passive, Fanless cooling
SL 48.43" (1230mm) 5.5" (140mm) 3" (76mm) 14 Lbs (6.35kg) Hanging Wire Kit, Passive, Fanless cooling
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