Enhance Your Farm's Productivity with GROW3's Lighting Excellence

Animal Farm Lighting

At GROW3, we understand the profound impact of proper lighting on farm animals’ health and productivity. Our commitment to revolutionizing animal farm lighting stems from a deep understanding of the unique needs of dairy cows, pigs, ducks, and other farmed animals. GROW3’s LED lights for farm animals are meticulously designed to improve living conditions, ensuring that each creature under our care thrives in an environment that closely mirrors natural daylight.

Pioneering Livestock Lighting for Enhanced Welfare with GROW3

Animal welfare is at the heart of everything we do at GROW3. Our livestock lighting solutions are crafted to emulate the natural light patterns essential for the physical and psychological well-being of animals. By integrating GROW3’s livestock LED lights into your farming operations, you’re not just installing lights; you’re enhancing the welfare and productivity of your livestock, supporting their circadian rhythms, and promoting overall health.

GROW3's Farm LED Lights: Combining Energy Efficiency with Animal Comfort

GROW3 is at the forefront of agricultural innovation, offering animal farming LED lights solutions that represent a significant advancement in technology and animal care. Our animal farm LED lights are not only energy-efficient but also designed to provide a spectrum of light that meets the specific needs of farm animals. This commitment to energy efficiency and animal comfort reflects GROW3's dedication to sustainable farming practices and improved living conditions for animals.

Enhancing Livestock Environments with GROW3's LED Farm Shed Lighting

Creating the optimal environment for every animal is a challenge that GROW3 is ready to meet. Our agricultural shed lighting solutions are tailored to the diverse needs of modern farming operations, providing durable, efficient, and safe lighting. With GROW3's innovative solutions, your livestock lighting is not just a utility but a vital component of your farm's success, contributing to healthier, more productive animals.

Key Benefits of Choosing GROW3's LED Lighting for Livestock:

Supports Animal Health and Productivity:
Mimics natural daylight, promoting circadian rhythms and enhancing both physical and psychological well-being of animals.
Energy-Efficient Solutions:
Our animal farm lighting offers significant energy savings, aligning with sustainable farming practices without sacrificing quality light for animal care.
Tailored Lighting Environments:

 Provides customizable lighting solutions to meet the specific needs of different farm animals, ensuring optimal living conditions.

Innovative and Durable:
Combines cutting-edge technology with durability, making GROW3's animal farming LED lights a smart investment for modern, sustainable farming operations.
By choosing GROW3, you're not just lighting up your farm; you're investing in a brighter future for your livestock. Our commitment to quality, innovation, and animal welfare makes GROW3 the ideal partner for farmers seeking to improve their operations while caring for the well-being of their animals. Join us in embracing the future of farm lighting, where technology and compassion meet to create a sustainable, productive agricultural ecosystem.

Significant Cost Savings with GROW3

With BenchLight™, you can switch from HPS lamps to LEDs directly. The product is suitable for applications ranging from 17'' to 84" in height. Optional UVA and far red LEDs make this series of lights compelling option to the experienced grower.

Shorten Cycle Times

Managing your lighting with precision allows plants to fully develop in a shorter amount of time.

Control Flavor, Nutrition and Yield

Adjust the color ratios of blue to red light to influence plan height, shape, size, color, flavor, and nutrition and maximize the yield.

Benchlight™ Series
Improve Plant Quality

Control color ratio, photoperiod, and intensity to ensure healthy plant response and development. 


Grow3 BenchLight™ Series Comparison

Model Power (W) Mounting Height Application PPF (UMOL/S) PPE (UMOL/J) Color Ratio Range IP Rating Certificate Warranty Lifetime Control System*
SL 200W ≥18-84" Greenhouse/Indoor 488 2.5 1:1-10:1 IP66 UL & DLC Approved 5 Years >50,000hrs SmarTune
SP 220W ≥18"-84" Greenhouse/Indoor 548 2.6 1:1-10:1 IP66 UL & DLC Approved 5 Years >50,000hrs SmarTune
SL 200W x Y Y Y Y x Tissue Culture, Seeding, Flowers and vegetables
SP 230W Y Y Y Y Y Y Cannabis, Tissue Culture, Flowers and vegetables
Model Length Width Height Weight Mounting Cooling System Read More Spec Sheet
SP 48.43" (1230mm) 5.5" (140mm) 3" (76mm) 14 Lbs (6.35kg) Hanging Wire Kit, Passive, Fanless cooling
SL 48.43" (1230mm) 5.5" (140mm) 3" (76mm) 14 Lbs (6.35kg) Hanging Wire Kit, Passive, Fanless cooling
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