why grow3
GROW3 Advantages

How it comes together is why it stands apart.

  • Empowered with Color Ratio Technology
  • Integrated smart controls with SmarTune™ via Bluetooth®, WiFi, and PLC technology
  • Multiple Internal Drivers
  • Highly efficient, fanless heat dissipation system
  • Computer guided, high performance, tier 1, LED


SmarTune™ is the integrated hybrid control technology designed for GROW3™. Turn your experience to GROW3™ action, simply through Bluetooth™ mesh, Wi-Fi, and PLC technology to control your GROW3™ system. Controlling color ratio, intensity, scheduling and so much more.

The ability to add lights, sensors, IoT devices, wired or wireless controls creates a Mesh Network. The Mesh Network allows the LED Light GROW3 System to be installed, controlled, and expanded easily through either Bluetooth™, WiFi, or PLC. Each sensor or light becomes part of the mesh network allowing for wired or wireless connection into the Mesh Network. A light or sensor failure within the mesh does not affect the communication between the remaining items within the networked devices. The Mesh Network can have an almost unlimited number of devices, allowing expanded connections for zone control.

Bench light Series
Benchlight™ Series


Understanding that plants need different light spectrums to grow and during each growth stage uses distinct light qualities. From this, is the inspiration that our engineers strived for when designing the GROW3™ system: unlimited color ratios and intensity to mimic sunlight at all times of the day for optimal plant growth.

As is well known that plants grow adequately with all light spectrums, but they do not require equal amounts of each to have optimal growth. Thanks to the custom color ratio technology by LED Smart, we can mimic sunlight just the way your plant needs it to grow to its best.


All GROW3™ series are equipped with multiple internal drivers that control each color sector individually. Allows the user to program in different ratios and intensity, with the greatest accuracy. Multiple drivers also contribute to the highest light efficacy with the lowest power consumption.

Experience the multi-driver difference in the GROW3™ system. The internal drivers contribute to a quick installation with less cables and weight.

TopLight Side View

LED Smart's selection of highest output and most efficient LEDs of various Tier 1 brands, complements the design of the GROW3™ systems.

LED Smart designed, tested and manufactured every GROW3™ to the highest industry standards. We are committed to using the best LED technology available. This means that we are able to mix the top performing LEDs to achieve high PPE levels and provide you the best efficacy.


The aluminum profile is designed for best heat dissipation in a fanless system. Each fixture is designed to remain cool, not contributing excessive heat to the environment.

The overall design of the GROW3™ system is designed to control and manage the heat produced, and keep the operating conditions low. This also contributes to a longer service life for the internal components.

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