Enlightened Layers: GROW3 LED Lighting for Chicken Laying Hens


As chickens transition into the laying phase, a well-designed lighting environment becomes paramount for their health, productivity, and overall well-being. The GROW3 poultry light system by LED Smart emerges as a highlight of innovation, offering targeted LED lighting solutions tailored for chicken laying hens. Explore the myriad benefits, scheduling features, and spectrum light changes that make GROW3 the preferred choice for nurturing during the laying cycle, ultimately reducing production and labor costs for producers.

Benefits of the Laying Cycle:

The laying cycle is characterized by the onset of egg production and the establishment of a consistent laying pattern. GROW3’s dedication to optimizing poultry farming is evident in its SmarTune control features, seamlessly transitioning from the earlier stages to provide a calm and comfortable environment for laying hens. These preset lighting programs reduces stress levels, fostering a sense of security that is crucial for the consistent and healthy laying of eggs.

Calm and content hens are more likely to exhibit healthy eating habits. GROW3’s adjustable light spectrum and intensity controls ensure that the lighting environment supports the natural feeding instincts of laying hens. This contributes to steady egg production and healthier, more robust layers.

Scheduling Features for Efficient Production

GROW3’s programmable scheduling capability takes center stage during the laying cycle, offering producers a powerful tool to optimize egg production and reduce labor costs.The scheduling option is particularly valuable during this phase, ensuring a seamless transition between different lighting conditions to meet the changing needs of laying hens.

As laying hens progress through the cycle, SmarTune allows producers to set specific spectrum changes that stimulate healthy eating habits and contribute to overall well-being. The lighting conditions are tailored to align with the nutritional demands of laying hens, promoting efficient feed utilization and reducing electricity and production costs.

Spectrum Light Changes for Efficient Laying

The laying cycle requires specific lighting conditions to encourage efficient egg production. GROW3’s commitment to spectrum diversity is exemplified in the SmarTune’s scheduling option. This feature provides optimal brightness while mimicking the natural sunrise and sunset conditions, ensuring that laying hens remain active and engaged in healthy behaviors, leading to consistent egg laying.

Additionally, the SmarTune controls allow producers to introduce a diverse range of hues during the laying phase. Different light spectrums influence various aspects of layer development, including feather quality, pecking, and overall vitality. Well-designed lighting conditions contribute to the production of high-quality eggs and healthier, more resilient laying hens.

Reducing Production and Labor Costs

GROW3 LED lighting is more than just a lighting solution; it’s a strategic investment for poultry producers aiming to reduce production and labor costs. The customizable scheduling features allow producers to create an optimized lighting environment tailored to the specific needs of laying hens at different stages of the laying life cycle. This targeted approach leads to improved feed efficiency, reduced stress levels, and healthier, more productive layers.

In conclusion, GROW3 by LED Smart offers a holistic and efficient LED lighting solution for chicken laying hens. The benefits of calm, healthy eating habits, customizable scheduling features, and spectrum light changes during the laying cycle contribute not only to the well-being of the layers but also to reduced production and labor costs for producers. As we continue to unlock the secrets of optimized lighting in poultry farming, GROW3 stands as a pioneer in nurturing layers.

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